April 21, 2024

Religious Roots of Europe – Some Pot-Nordic Master’s Program

They are presented from Eastern Europe, The Eu, Asia, America along with the Middle East. Concentrating on the same as Bachelor levels, a great command of British and appearance understanding getting at least one classical language, they’re driven for more information on how Western culture was created.

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They would like to know: How did we’ve where we’re today?

Answering this involves both classical studies and contemporary research towards the philosophical and ethical forces which shape society. Only a carefully designed, educationally challenging curriculum created by highly qualified scholars, delivers this type of chance to understand inside the college level.

Fortunately, just this sort of network of excellence are available at universities within the Nordic countries.

Noisy . many years of this millennium, this network saw the growing dependence on their combined scholarship, and began discussing the way they could create this type of innovative, intercultural program. In 2007 the first steps were come to really result in the program official. This Past Year, the first students were recognized with this particular unique, joint-Nordic training program.

The 2-year Master’s is rigorous and partly held on the internet. Students meet at regular occasions for week-extended, compact workshops at among six Nordic universities, based on in which the lecturer for that subject is needed. They might also meet weekly inside their home college getting research guide or course counselor.

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Rates of interest are steady and demanding. There’s lots to get protected!

As described Lund College, Religious Roots of Europe “… visits the roots and explores the way a religions elevated within the deserts and concrete centers within the Mediterranean. The 3 traditions haven’t resided isolated lives, but moved within the gravitational fields within the others they’ve been inspired by each other and attempted to distance themselves from one another. During this program they’re studied not individually but together. As well as, since history isn’t just regarding the past – but in addition regarding the past that resides in us – the religions are studied within the contemporary light.”

Complementing these studies could be the opportunity to understand others from foreign cultures.

This is often possibly probably most likely probably the most personally enriching knowledge about these students – the opportunity to review cultural questions and uncover from one another. Many prejudices and misunderstandings are removed up, enabling new understanding to consider root.

In addition to studying another classical language (for instance: Greek, Arabic, Latin, Syriac, Coptic or Hebrew), the right courses include: Religion and Society, Method and Theory, along with the Emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The program’s interactive courses cover: Negligence women in Religious Communities and Texts, Apologetics and Conversion, The 3 Religions in Contemporary Perspective, combined with Holy Scriptures of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The whole last semester is dedicated to writing a master’s thesis inside the Nordic college in which the student is registered (their home college). The participating universities include: two in Norwegian – Bergen and Oslo, two in Denmark – Aarhus and Copenhagen, 1 inch Helsinki, Finland, and Lund College in southern Norwegian.