July 24, 2024

5 Proven Strategies to Assess Students’ Learning Performance

Understanding and learning are two different types of things. Know that the understanding level of your students is invisible during your class. You need to know the learning capability of your students to ensure a good result. The best way to judge student learning is by taking various assessments. Know that assessments are the heart of education. It is a must-have to take assessments to know the strength and weaknesses of your students. With the help of assessment, the parents will also get a fair idea of their child. It is essential to conduct assessments every month or every week.

There are many types of assessments to judge the learning level of students. You can also take help from many digital applications to make written tests for your students. The addition of an online exam management system is also a blissful addition to the education field. Know that the type of assessment will depend on the topic. Know that some lessons will require written tests. On the other side, other chapters will require hands-on activities. That is the sole reason every instructor needs to use several assessment strategies. Taking several quizzes from your students can help you improve their learning and understanding. 

There are formal and informal techniques to assess the learning of students. It is better to know the assessments tactics for your lessons. Using appropriate tactics will help you level up student understanding and knowledge. Today we are jotting down some proven techniques for quizzes. The below five strategies will help you assess the learning of students.

  • The minute papers: 

The first type of assessment is a short type of assessment that you can do once or twice every week. The name also suggests the type of this assessment. The minute paper will consist of a few questions that will only take three to four minutes of your class. It is a quick test that does not require the whole time of your class session. You can take this test to judge to learning of every student. Besides, you will get a view of the mental capability of your students. You can make the minute paper in multiple-choice questions to save time. Know that these tests will help you know the understanding of students.

  • Short quizzes:

 Another way of assessing students is through quick tests. No one has time to skip the entire session to take assessments. You can take lengthy tests once a month. In this situation, you need to take short quizzes. You can deliver a lecture in the first half of class time, and in the second half, you can take tests. You need to prepare assessments with the short type of questions.

  • Classroom discussions:

The third way for taking the assessment is through classroom discussions. This method is the informal way of taking tests and judging student abilities. You have to make sure that all students participate in the discussions. Other than that, you can make two teams that will discuss with each other. One will speak in favor of the topic, and the other team will discuss against the concept.

  • Group projects:

Group projects are the type of formative assessment. It is better to give group projects at the end of the academic term. The group project will show the potential of your students. These projects can be the essence of the entire subject for you. Know that you can make students participate in group projects or solo ones. Make sure that every student selects a project on a unique topic.

  • The flip classroom:

The flip classroom is another technique where you can assess student abilities. It is also known as reversed classroom. In this, students will stand in front of the class and explain to the students any topic. This activity can be for groups or single students. The flip classroom is a beneficial technique that can help your students gain confidence and a good understanding of concepts.