July 24, 2024

 BBA vs BCA: Which One Should You Choose?

After completing their 10+2, students are confused about what courses to choose for higher studies, and the two most common courses are BBA and BCA. Both BBA and BCA are undergraduate-level courses that focus on different fields. So to know more in detail about BBA or BCA, which is better, read further.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a three-year undergraduate degree course focusing on core topics like digital marketing, financial accounting, HRM(human resource management), entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. BBA courses help candidates to develop managerial skills and prepare them for industries like financial institutions, corporations, the banking sector, etc. 

A BBA course also offers different types of specialisations that help candidates improve their practical and communication skills and enhance their decision-making abilities.

A few BBA Specialisations are as follows-

  • Finance

Students who enjoy playing with numbers and have strong reasoning and analytical skills do well in this speciality. BBA Finance provides a wide range of job opportunities and guarantees higher income.

  • Business Administration

This is the best option for anyone who wishes to master the essentials of business management and administration. With this degree, you can work in the business’s management division, where employees can earn good salaries.

  • Human Resource Management

One of the most often chosen specialisations is the BBA in HR. HR serves as a conduit between management and employees. This course will teach you all the essentials of managing the organisational structure to maintain employee satisfaction. Even hiring people on behalf of the company is taught to you.

  • Retail

Topics such as customer and product management, inventory management, and accounting are covered in a BBA specialisation in retail.

  • Tourism

This is mainly for those who enjoy travelling and wish to see the world while they work. With a BBA in tourism, you can work for travel agencies that provide tourism-related services.

  • Hospitality

The most popular specialisation in BBA is hospitality management. It has gained traction as the hospitality sector has expanded. With this degree, you may even envision a career abroad.

  • Event Management

The BBA in event management is another speciality in demand right now and is among the best BBA programmes. This course will teach you how to use your management skills to develop, coordinate, plan, and market events.

  • Entrepreneurship

A BBA in entrepreneurship will support your goal of working for no one else and being your own boss. BBA in entrepreneurship helps you to learn about starting a business from the beginning, growing an existing one, or expanding a family firm.

  • International Business

You should be familiar with foreign business strategies if you want to work for multinational corporations (MNCs). A BBA in international business will teach you everything you need to know about how to succeed in the corporate world. You learn about global commerce, accounting regulations, and tax procedures.

Note – Candidates can opt to pursue MBA for higher studies.


BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It’s a three-year undergraduate degree course. It focuses on computer programming languages such as java, C++ etc. This course is mainly for students interested in accounting, inventory management, software engineering, computer programming etc. 

This course prepares candidates to work in the technical field with a basic knowledge of computer languages, software, hardware and programming methods. The BCA course has gained popularity because of the reasonable growth in the IT industry. A BCA course offers numerous specialisations. Some of them are as follows-

  • Internet Technologies

You will learn how to apply practical skills and solve issues related to computer applications in this course. It is widely used by students and is easily learned online or through distance learning.

  • Financial Accounting

Commerce students are drawn to this course since it deals with a business’s income, costs, assets, and liabilities. You can determine a company’s profitability and financial status by having a working grasp of financial accounting.

  • Database Management

With a BCA in Database Management System, you can learn to arrange and manage data properly and understand the data needs of a business.

  • Animation

This course is designed for enthusiastic people in web design, digital arts, and 3D & 2D animation. It teaches you the fundamentals of graphic design and virtual reality while releasing your creative potential and thinking abilities.

  • System Analysis

It includes studying how firms operate to assess their objectives and design a strategy for achieving them effectively. One of the areas of computer science that is expanding is this one.

  • Computer Graphics

One of the more intriguing specialities available under the BCA course is Computer Graphics. You can study a variety of subjects, including computer graphics algorithms, computer applications in-depth analysis, and visual functions.

Note- Candidates can opt for MCA after BCA for higher studies.

Differences Between BCA and BBA

The key differences between BBA vs BCA are as follows-

It is a technical course. Being a management course, it focuses on theoretical concepts.
It requires technical skills. It requires managerial skills.


Thus, this can be concluded that both BBA and BCA offer different knowledge and skills. If you are interested in management courses, you should opt for a BBA course, or if you are interested in a technical one, you should pursue a BCA course. Both the courses have the potential to provide you with a wide range of job opportunities and a higher salary. You must analyse the pros and cons of both courses before deciding which one to pursue. In case you still have any queries related to BCA vs BBA salary or a comparison between BBA and BCA, Sunstone is always there to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • BBA vs BCA: Which is better?

Being a theoretical subject, BBA is considered to be a little easier in comparison with BCA, which is a technical course.

  • How to choose between BBA and BCA?

The BBA course is mainly for students interested in the management field, and the BCA course is mainly for candidates interested in programming and technical fields.

  • Can I do BCA and BBA simultaneously?

No, you cannot pursue two bachelor’s degrees simultaneously.